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Employment Overview

The UVA Physicians Group employs billing and collections staff, medical office assistants, allied health professionals (including physician assistants and certain types of nurses) and other professionals who support UVA physicians in treating patients. In addition to the 900 clinicians who constitute the practice plan, we employ approximately 800 administrative employees. Employees consistently cite their co-workers as the best aspect of working for the Physicians Group. Attracting and retaining intelligent and dedicated people is a key part of our business strategy. In addition to competitive salaries and substantial benefits packages, Physicians Group employees enjoy a friendly, open culture that encourages personal responsibility and individual initiative. If you want to make a difference, pursue a career and expand your horizons, consider joining our team.

As a part of UPG’s commitment to the health of its employees, UPG participates in an employee wellness program called “Be Well”.  As part of Be Well, UPG will no longer hire individuals who are current Nicotine users.  A Nicotine test will be part of our pre-employment health screening.  Employees hired after April 1, 2016 who are nicotine-free shall not be permitted to smoke on UPG premises after their date of hire.  This prohibition shall continue for the duration of his or her employment by UPG.  Those individuals testing positive for nicotine after April 1, 2016 will not be eligible for employment.  Should an individual test positive for nicotine use, the applicant will not be considered for hire for 6 months after testing positive for nicotine.  Upon subsequent applications, those individuals shall be retested and the same conditions shall apply.

For more information about careers in the Physicians Group, please contact our HR Department directly:

UPG HR Team Member Position Email Address Phone
Kara Comer Senior HR Business Partner 434.980.6170
Ellen Gilliland

Senior Provider Recruiter 434.970.2489
Michelle Small HR Business Partner 434.972.4224
Tina Rosson Recruiter, Health System 434.245.5391


Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity Employer /

Drug Free Workplace / Nicotine Free Hire Workplace

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