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Board of Directors

The business and affairs of the UVA Physicians Group (UPG) are managed by the Board of Directors.  The UPG Board of Directors is composed of six (6) ex-officio directors, three (3) faculty directors, ten (10) to twelve (12) public directors, and two (2) University representative directors.


The ex-officio directors are the following six (6) officials from the University of Virginia: the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, the Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the University of Virginia Medical Center, the Dean of the School of Medicine, the Chairs of the Department of Medicine and the Department of Surgery, and the President of the Clinical Staff of the University of Virginia Medical Center.


The term of each successor faculty director and public director shall be three (3) years.

As of January 1, 2017

Officers of the UVA Physicians Group Board of Directors

Katherine L. Acuff, JD, PhD, MPH, Chair

James E. Rutrough, CPCU, CLU, ChFC, Immediate Past Chair

George W. Pace, Chair-Elect




Officers of the UVA Physicians Group

Bobby Chhabra, M.D., President

William G. Shenkir, PhD, CPA, Treasurer

Bradley E. Haws, Chief Executive Officer

Beth C. Spilman, Secretary


For additional information, contact J. Corey Feist, Chief Operating Officer of the UVA Physicians Group.

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